Senior Dog With Cancer Was Found Alone In The Woods. The Reason He Was There? OMG!

Image Credit: all around the web / YouTube

During the Fourth of July weekend, fireworks scared a 17-year old dog, and he ran away from home. Rocky, a Shepherd mix, with cancer had run off from his New Hampshire home and was missing for four days. Jake Higgins, a logger, saw Rocky in the Conway woods and called for help.

A couple of volunteers from the Conway Area Humane Society arrived. They had to hike deep into the woods to track Rocky down. When they found him, Rocky was sitting on the ground as if he knew they were coming to help him. A video of Rocky was posted on the shelter’s Facebook page and within an hour someone called in saying they knew who his owners were!

Take a look at this video

It wasn’t long after that that Rocky’s family arrived at the shelter. The family was so happy to have their dog back, they donated $100 to the shelter. Share away, people.