The Cockatiel Sees Her Baby Trying To Hatch. But Watch What She Does…

Image Credit: CelestialDLS / YouTube

At birth, a baby cockatiel weighs only 4 grams and is the size of a small thumbnail, according to At about 6 days old, they open their eyes! The tiny bird grows fast and by day nine is eating a whole teaspoon (or two) of food three or four times a day! The blue color on the wings starts to appear as well as the crest feathers!

The babies feathers don’t open up until it is two to three weeks old. When the little bird it about 3 weeks old, it will venture off for its first flight! A full grown cockatiel can weigh from 100 – 250 grams. This video shows amazing footage of the growth of two cockatiel hatchlings!

Take a look at this video

The growth these birds go through in 30 days is unbelievable – they go from completely helpless to full grown birds! This video was well done and should be shared – a lot! Share away, people!