Health Benefits Of Sleeping On Your Left Side Revealed

Everyone has a favorite sleeping position – but sleeping on your left side has some health benefits many people aren’t aware of! Dr. John Douillard tells us the benefits of sleeping on your left in the video below. Here are the benefits he has found, firstly, your heart can circulate blood easier, it is good for digestion and helps spleen function. Not only that, it helps food waste travel better through the intestines and finally helps lymphatic drainage.

There is evidence that sleeping on your right side makes heartburn worse – sleeping on your left side can relieve those symptoms. It is also beneficial for pregnant women to sleep on their side because circulation is improved. No one stays in one position all night. 14% of Americans sleep on their right side, 16% on their stomach, and 63% on their left side.

Take a look at this video

All that being said, to get a good night’s sleep, doctors recommend you stick to your natural sleep position. Share away, people!