He Sends His Border Collie Over The Hill. What The Dog Herds Is HILARIOUS!

Image Credit: GuinnessGB's channel / YouTube

St. Patrick’s Day is a time for fun… and a little bit of drinking. The holiday is known for getting a little rowdy when people are ready, and nothing’s more amusing than poking fun at those who indulge a little too much in their drinks.

This video takes one of the most mundane activities of sheep herding and turns it into an amusing spectacle for the whole world to see. Instead of sheep, this border collie is wrangling a group of men to try and get them to the pub on time without any distractions.

Take a look at this video!

With the whistled instructions from her owner, she does her best to keep them in check, and although she manages to let a few stray every now and again, she finally manages to get them all corralled in to the bar so that they can get their favorite drinks. Share away, people!