Mom Walks Into Her Living Room, But When She Finds THIS In Her Baby’s Swing? WOW!

Image Credit: El Estatal / Facebook

Baby swings are a fantastic invention. They allow baby to swing gently back and forth; some have toys attached. One of the biggest benefits is that it allows mom to have a quick break from having to hold the baby. It just isn’t practical to hold a baby all day long! By placing the baby swing in strategic locations, mom can get things done and the baby gets to watch!

In this video, we see a very tricked out baby swing sitting on the floor – it is unoccupied. That is when Oliver decides that he might as well jump on in! Oh, did I mention that Oliver is a dog? He is a boxer! Oliver looks like he has done this before, he gets in like a pro!

Take a look at this video!

I guess the back and forth swinging motion is enjoyed by dogs as well as babies! Oliver fits in there perfectly! Share away, people!