Officer Visits A Teen Battling With Cancer, But What He Brings Along…OMG!

Image Credit: WHDH

Saving up for Christmas can be a difficult thing to do, especially when you want to treat yourself to something big and memorable for the holidays. One young man decided to do just that and treat himself to a puppy, but unfortunately, he fell into the traps of a fraud scheme and ended up losing all of his money.

To make matters worse, the man had been battling with leukemia and his dog had died a few years ago, leaving him all alone. Talk about a holiday downer. When he went to file a fraud report with the police, however, one kind officer decided to take matters into his own hands and called out to the community to help.

Take a look at this video!

He ended up finding a puppy that was about to be put down, and brought the young canine to the man’s door step to his new forever home. Now named Nitro, the two are definitely going to have the best Christmas ever! Share away, people!