This Cat Loves To Cuddle His Daddy So Much You’re Going To Be Jealous!

Image Credit: Christos Segkos / YouTube

When this cat wants to sleep, he has a specific way of telling it. First, he checks his daddy’s heartbeat, then settles down softly on daddy’s shoulders 🙂 Then he nuzzles his beard in an enchanting massage and puts his paws across his heart…This is how little tabby checks if his daddy is ready to sleep. If daddy kisses and nuzzles back, tabby knows that its nap time! We wonder if daddy can keep away from those magic cuddles anyway!

And when the sleep check is over, its cuddle time with the beard. There is no fish in the world that tabby loves more than his daddy’s beard! He cuddles on the beard … lulling himself …This kitten is actually lost in the beard, right? Did you see him shut his eyes and cuddle as if in a dream? And when daddy kisses him back, he wakes up, as if from a trance …!

Take a look at this epitome of cuteness right here!

And in just seconds, Tabby is yawning wide and loud … ready to sleep! Is there anything more aww than that? Nope! So don’t forget to share this story with your friends too!