Cat Is Rescued From Abuse, Then Vet Discovers She’s Been Living With A Dart In Her Brain

Image Credit: Caters Clips / YouTube

A small tabby kitten named Miss Kiss was abandoned by her owner and left to die. Another family found the kitten, 6 months old, and were deeply moved by what they found. They rushed Miss Kiss to the Utah Valley Animal Rescue for help. When she arrived, Miss Kiss was in terrible shape, she had a four-inch steel dart lodged in her brain.

Dr. Bott was dumbfounded and did not know how long she had suffered with the dart in her brain. They also found another dart in her shoulder. Miss Kiss survived the surgery to remove the darts but suffered some damage to her optic nerve. She was adopted by Kevin, who is blind in one eye.

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To help with her coordination, Kevin will toss ping-pong balls for Miss Kiss. Miss Kiss has gone through a lot in her short life – but in the end, she found the love she deserves! Share away, people!