Cat Starts Meowing For Owner, But Keep Watching Till 0:23… I Never Expected This, GENIUS.

We all know that cats are very smart animals, but this cat just raised the bar here a little bit, you know. Maybe he’s lazy or he wants to make sure that he can come in and go out in the most carefree manner, this cat decides to get an elevator for himself.

Completely manual and totally safe, this cat employed his person to do the job for him! While we’re not sure who came up with this special elevator idea, it is a genius one that requires a standing ovation! all this cat has to do is meow when he wants to go out and meow again when he wants to come back home and the rest is taken care of by his person!

Check out this hilarious, but adorable video:

Either this cat is the laziest cat in the world or the smartest one alive, either way he’s very happy to ride in his special elevator when he needs to! This is hilarious! Don’t forget to share this post with your friends 🙂