How This Mama Cat Stops Her Baby From Having Nightmares Is Just Beautiful!

Image Credit: timah99 / YouTube

This video of how mama cat stops her baby from having a nightmare was uploaded in 2011, but it soon went viral and many people even cried when they watched it! So why did it go viral? Well for two things, really.

The first to prove the point that even animals have nightmares and the second to prove the point that mothers, any species, will love and comfort her little one when they’re having nightmares 🙂 This is, by far, the most deserving video I’ve watched my entire life and I think this mama cat needs to be rewarded for not sleeping through her baby nightmare.

Take a look at this priceless video below!

Did you see that? This mama cat did not hesitate even for a second to comfort her little one who’s having nightmares. She put her paws around him and they hugged him tight to reassure him that she was right there looking after him! So adorable! Don’t forget to share this post with your friends!