This Cat Was Stuck On An 80 Foot Tree For Over A Month. How He Came Down Is Incredible!

This poor little cat was stuck on a 80 foot tree and was there for a month before finally being rescued by a brave man called Chris Tattersall! This cat, who’s name is Danielle Tiger, was probably a stranded cat, but how he got up there is still confusing. He probably followed something up and forgot how to get down.

A Baltimore resident saw this poor stranded cat atop an 80 foot tree and that’s when he tried to get people to help him get down. but apparently no one could get him down. He then turned to Facebook where he requested anyone to come rescue the poor kitty. This is when Chris came to help Danielle get down to safety.

Watch the entire story below:

Chris actually traveled to Maryland from York County to rescue the cat. When the poor cat was finally rescued, he was hungry and dehydrated as he hadn’t eaten or drank anything for 3 weeks. According to Chris, Danielle may have survived solely on insects and birds. Poor cat, thank god he’s finally on the ground! Don’t forget to share this post with your friends 🙂