Puppy Looks Intently At His Owner. When He Flops Down And Makes THIS Sound? Hilarious

Image Credit: Storyful / YouTube

We love our pets. We pamper them with love, toys, and treats! They are part of our family. Sometimes, just like humans, our pets can do things that are irritating or upsetting. My dogs seem to think that the couch is for them – it is not. But, they love to sleep on it anyway. We have resorted to putting chairs on the couch to stop them from getting up on the furniture!

But our pets have cute ways of communicating with us. If they want treats, they beg or go to the cupboard where the treats are and bark until they get what they want! The little puppy in this video wants to sit on this owner’s lap. But what the puppy doesn’t understand is that momma is driving and he can’t sit on her lap!

Take a look at this video!

The puppy simply throws a tantrum. This was the most adorable tantrum you saw today, wasn’t it?! Well, share away, then!