This Poor Dog Was Discarded Like Trash, See How He Gets Rescued!

Image Credit: ABC Action News / YouTube

We have all heard of the sickening stories animal cruelty such as puppy dumping. This is the tale of an anonymous person who dumped one or more of the puppies, tied in a plastic bag in a garbage can in Tampa Bay. With the average temperature of the city being 100°C, this runt of the litter was, spotted when a passerby saw the Momma dog trying to pull the little one from the can. Witnesses report that the momma was more like, protecting the puppy.

With further investigation, the police found three more pups at a nearby shed and believe that the rest must have been in the garbage can, but saved by the mom. The police are currently investigating this shocking evidence of animal cruelty in the most extreme of ways.

Take a look at this video below

Whether the culprit discarded the litter or one pup, he or she surely faces some serious cases for messing up with this lovely momma and her babes. If this brave momma amazed you, share the story with your friends.