Little Dog Eats An Entire Tube Of Lipstick, Becomes A Pretty, Pretty Princess

Image Credit: America's Funniest Home Videos / YouTube

Coming home to your dog chewing up one of your belongings can be a terrible experience. Not only did you probably spend a lot of money on it, but now you have to spend it all over again to replace it, and it’s likely that your dog never really learned his lesson.

But there’s only so angry one dog owner can get when she comes home to find her little pooch, Chloe, chowing down on her favorite lipstick. It’s such a bright shade of pink too, so there’s no way she can hide the evidence. Chloe doesn’t really seem to understand why her owner is upset, but she backs away from the destroyed tube to really take in what her owner is saying.

Take a look at this video!

It may have been a delicious snack, but there are more important things than filling one’s belly. At least she looks pretty in that shade. Share away, people!