He Saw Something In The Stream That He Had To Investigate. What Happened Had Me LOLing!

Image Credit: Rumble

This is the story of an adorable Labrador retriever pup who was out with his daddy near a stream when something happened. His daddy had no idea that the Labrador was part curious dog and part fun dog so the moment something moved in the water, this pup, without hesitating, just jumped inside!

What did he see, you ask? Well, nothing but a chock full of fish! This fur ball was so excited to see the fish that he didn’t mind getting wet in order to get a chance to say hello and introduce himself. I think if this Labrador pup wasn’t a dog, he would be a professional ichthyologist if he was human!

Take a look at this video!

Incredible isn’t it? This only goes to prove that it’s not difficult for animals to introduce themselves and make new friends, even of different species! Share away, people!