They Spotted A Dog With Something Hanging From His Mouth — Upon A Closer Look…

The Arrow Fund, a Kentucky-based rescue organization, posted some graphic images of a dog with a huge tumor in his mouth on Wednesday. The group wanted to reach out to their Facebook followers for help. The dog named Brady, is a very sweet black Lab. The pilots from the Arrow Fund, Josh Keiger and Jeff Allen, went to go get the dog. The below images are graphic. Viewer discretion strongly advised.

dog tumor

Everyone is hoping for a miracle, and they asked for positive thoughts and prayers. Brady was taken to Blue Pearl Veterinary where he got blood work and radiographs done. The group said his pain will be managed too. Somehow, despite the tumor, Brady had been able to eat. The tumor fully engulfs his entire mouth.

dog tumor

Everyone is saddened that the sweet dog wasn’t given help sooner. If you are interested in helping the Arrow Fund and Brady, you can make a donation at Share away, people.

[h/t Pet Rescue Report]