When You See Why This Dog Is Refusing To Eat His Treat, You Will Be Surprised!

Image Credit: Abdullah Hafez / YouTube

Dogs can be extremely friendly with almost everyone that they meet. They read social cues from their owners to tell if someone is safe to approach or to let into their home. But there are just some people that dogs will refuse to ever like. Maverick is a dog who absolutely loves treats, and will accept one from anyone who is nearby.

When his owner offers him a treat, listing off who it’s from, he’s happy to chow down. But when he gets a particular treat that’s from the dog catcher, he wants nothing to do with it, no matter how tasty it may be. It isn’t the first time either; twice, he’s offered a treat by the dog catcher, and both times he refuses to take it.

Take a look at this video!

This is one smart cookie of a dog who may have a little bias towards the angry man with the large net. Share away, people!