They Lost Hope After Their Dog Was Missing For Weeks. Then, They Heard Cries Coming From A Well…

You hold out hope when a family pet goes missing that someone will find your pet and return it to you. In the minutes after a pet runs slips out of its leash and runs off, you may walk around the neighborhood calling out your pet’s name, hoping they will run up to you. But, if they don’t come – how long do you wait before you give up hope?

Two weeks, after Bobby, a cocker spaniel went missing, Sally Phillips, Bobby’s human, thought he may be dead, he had been gone too long. Then some neighbors heard cries coming from a well in a field near their home. This video shows the amazing rescue performed by the Norfolk Urban Search and Rescue Team!

Take a look at this video

Bobby family had searched that field many times since Bobby went missing. But down at the bottom of the 82 foot well was a hungry and dehydrated Bobby! Share away, people!