Donkey Who Nearly Died In Flood Breaks Into A Grin When He’s Rescued

Image Credit: AHAR

Floods can make it difficult for everyone, animals included. Pets who are kept inside have a hard time getting out if they’ve been left behind, but farm animals also have a hard time of getting to higher ground. They can be quite large and that makes it unlikely for them to rescued based on space alone.

But one group of people couldn’t bare to leave this donkey behind. The donkey was trying to cross this flooded way by himself, but it was easy to see that he wasn’t going to make it.

Image Credit: AHAR

The water level was already almost to his chest, and if he went any deeper, he would easily be swept away. Someone made a Facebook post including an image of the donkey and was asking for anyone’s assistance, including a few strong hands and a boat.

Thankfully, many people came to the poor animals’ rescue. With the use of some rope and a flotation device around the donkey’s neck, they managed to drag him to safety on the other side of the flooding waters.

Gooooo on! We did it!!!!

Posted by Animal Heaven Animal Rescue on Sunday, 6 December 2015

Once he got to the other side, he gave his rescuers such a smile of relief that no one could keep a straight face.

Image Credit: AHAR

He proved not to be as stubborn as the reputation that preceded him.

After some time under the heat lamps at an animal rescue shelter, the donkey was up to his old self again, and getting his fill of some tasty oats.

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[h/t The Dodo]