Greedy Rich Man Tries To Buy Grandma’s Home, Then She Has The Last Laugh And Gives It To Charity

Image Credit: CBSN / YouTube

Edith Macefield, 86, is a tough cookie. Edith has lived in Seattle, in the same house for 60 years. Developers were buying up all of the other properties in her neighborhood – but Edith wasn’t moving. They offered her money. First hundreds of thousands of dollars and then $1 million. Edith said no to every offer.

Developers built the mall around her house since they couldn’t have it. During the process, Edith, and the building project manager, Barry Martin became friends. When Edith was diagnosed with cancer, Martin was her caregiver. When Edith died in 2008, she left her house to Martin. He left the house where it was.

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In 2015, the house was donated to charity and now provides affordable housing to people who need it. Edith fought a good fight against the greedy corporation and ended up helping others in the process. Share away, people!