Mom Sits Down And Waits, Now Watch The Baby Elephant In Front Of Her…

Image Credit: Mail Online

Baby elephants have been known to be quite playful with each other and their parents. And when they get to encounter some humans, they’re not immune from being involved in a game with them as well. They can be extremely trusting of whoever they encounter, especially when their parents aren’t around to tell them differently.

In the video below, we see a baby elephant amongst a crowd of humans who are visiting an elephant sanctuary, and he seems quite smitten with them. For one tourist sitting on the ground, she’s considered this baby’s best friend as he flops onto the ground and rolls into her lap. He already weighs a lot for his size, so we can only hope that this doesn’t become a habit or he’s going to end up hurting people he means to be friendly with.

Take a look at this video

He won’t be a baby forever, so he might as well get his kicks in now. Share away, people!