What Happens When These Emus See A Weasel Ball For The First Time Will Make You Laugh So Hard!

Image Credit: camelsandfriends / YouTube

Nothing is stranger than those large flightless birds. They date back to prehistoric times, and are actually kind of mean if you encroach on their territory. Emus are some of the weirder birds, as they’re much smaller than an ostrich but are still capable of defending themselves quite well.

So what happens when a weasel ball is tossed into an emu’s enclosure? If you don’t know what a weasel ball is, it’s a fake weasel that’s attached to a battery-operated ball that rolls around on its own so it looks like the weasel is chasing it. The large birds don’t know what to make of it at first, and they hope around it to get out of its way. Even the ostrich joins in.

Take a look at this video!

But once the batteries run out, they find the courage to scope out the strange thing, pecking at it with their large beaks. Share away, people!