Mom Has Bad Feeling When 2 Women Claiming To Be Child Protective Service Workers Visit Her

Image Credit: RTV6 | The Indy Channel

Amanda Walker got a phone call from someone who said she was from Child Protective Services (CPS). The woman claimed that Walker had neglected her children and that she should expect a visit. Several days later, two well-dressed women appeared at her door. Walker was already suspicious, the women didn’t have business cards or show her any ID.

They showed her a piece of paper that they claimed was a court order. One woman started taking pictures of her house and Walker’s sleeping one-year-old son. The women even touched her son; they left saying they would be back. Once they had gone, Walker called the police. The police called CPS and found out they didn’t have any case for the Walkers. Another woman, April Faulkner had the same thing happen to her.

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