She Wears Flip-Flops Every Day, But What Doctors Say They Do To Her Legs? I Had NO Idea!

Image Credit: WXYZ-TV Detroit | Channel 7 / YouTube

Flip-flops the official shoe of summer! People who live in warmer climates can wear them year round! Easy on, easy off and super light and comfortable! Who doesn’t have a pair or two of those lying around the house?! But did you know that they are actually very dangerous and can be harmful to your health?

Doctors are telling us that flip-flops are not to be worn for extended periods of time. Flip-flops are made to be loose on your foot. Because they are loose, they can cause accidents in adults and children – they are tripping hazards! Flip-flops can cause strain and sprains. You need to be very careful climbing up and down the stairs! Watch the video to learn more about the dangers of flip-flops!

Take a look!

Over time, flip-flops can cause you to experience pain in the foot arch, heel, tendinitis, shin splints, and stress fractures! Who knew? Share away, people.