This Tiny Hamster With A Broken Arm Will Tug At Your Heart

Image Credit: Imgur

A vet clinic in Petrozavodsk, Russia got a tiny patient that has the entire internet saying “aww”! They posted a picture of their injured patient, a tiny hamster with his tiny cast. The hamster reportedly fell and broke his arm. This may just be the world’s tiniest cast! Reddit user GeorgeOnee has been credited for posting the adorable hamsters photo.

According to, broken bones are common in hamsters. Because of their small size, it is often difficult to treat the hamster’s broken bones. Sometimes a hamster can break a bone if their leg gets trapped in their cage or their running wheel. There isn’t much known about the hamster.

Take a look at this image

Image Credit: Imgur

His name is a mystery, and we aren’t even sure the name of the vet who made him the teeny cast. What we do know is that the hamster is in good hands. Here’s to a speedy recovery little guy! Share away, people!