She Sends Her Husband To The Grocery Store And What He Brings Back Is Hilarious.

Image Credit: JeanneRobertson / YouTube

Husbands try so very hard to make their wives happy. Men are excellent at taking care of the lawn and the cars. Many husbands have the skill to do DYI projects inside the home too. But there are just some things that men can’t do (or I should say they can’t do them well). Like sort the laundry properly and forget about asking them to fold it, that ain’t gonna happen!

I am happy if I can get my husband to throw his dirty socks into the laundry basket every day! Jeanne Robertson is a professional speaker and humorist and a former Miss North Carolina! Jeanne Robertson has her own humorous impressions of marriage and shares them in the video. Watch the video to see if you can relate!

Take a look at this video!

She tells of the time she sent her husband to the grocery store for a few items. What he ended up doing was hilarious! Share away, people!