This Tiny Kitten Takes A Bath For The First Time And It’s Beautiful!

Image Credit: Cole and Marmalade / YouTube

Introducing Cole a tiny kitten who was rescued by a friend of Cole’s person called Marmalade. Cole was found on a busy intersection on an evening in Florida and he was all alone. According to his rescuer, it looked like Cole was finding his siblings and his mom but since she couldn’t locate any of them, she took Cole home.

This rescuer immediately notified Marmalade, who instantly came to pick Cole up and according to her he should have been about 5 – 6 weeks old. The problem was that Cole was completely covered in fleas due to which the poor kitten was anemic. But finally a happy ending 🙂

Check out this amazing video of him taking his first bath below!

It looks like Cole desperately needed not only a bath, but also a family and thankfully he got both! Marmalade is going to take good care of the kitten and Cole, I believe, will grow up to be a healthy and a happy cat! If you’ve seen the video above, please share it with your friends!