What This Labrador Does To A Piano Has Me Giving Him A Standing Ovation!

This Labrador definitely has talent, I mean he really did blow my mind! I’m not sure what he’s doing yet, but he’s definitely an aspiring musician, that’s for sure! Now you might have heard of dogs who play instruments as well as those who play and sing, but this is just adorable!

This pup started playing the piano at a very young age and you can clearly tell that he’s in love with music! After all, a musician has to start somewhere, right? This Labrador found a piano lying on the floor waiting to be touched so he neared it and his curiosity kicked in 🙂

Check out this adorable video below!

You see how it all started? As soon as he starts he hears a sound coming, but he doesn’t yet understand where the sound is actually coming from. So apart from being confused, he’s interested and curious at the same time!

I think that as this puppy grows he’s going to master the art of playing the piano like a boss, but right now he needs a lot of patience and practice! Don’t forget to share this adorable post with your friends 🙂