This Labrador Just Broke the Internet With A New Snow Game!

Image Credit: Rumble Viral / YouTube

Dogs have found new and interesting ways to entertain themselves when they can’t go outside to play in the snow. A dog’s paws are very sensitive, and the ice and salt getting between their toes can cause a lot of damage. However, these dogs found a new way to add some fun in their lives when it’s freezing cold outside.

We all enjoy a little sledding down hills, but it can be difficult to fit our doggy companions in our sleds. They don’t seem to mind, however, using their own bodies as sleds. Watch as these pooches take nose dives down hills on their sides, panting happily at the rides they get to take with their humans. Maybe it feels good on their skin or they just want to partake in their humans favorite activities!

Take a look at this incredible video!

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