When This Daddy And Daughter Get Into An Argument, It’s Too Cute To Handle! (Video)

This is by far one of the cutest videos I’ve seen circulating the internet! I love it how the 15 month old baby girl thinks she can tell her daddy off for asking her to get down! I mean, why? That house belongs to her as much as it belongs to him, in fact it belongs to her more than it belongs to him! Naturally, that table is more hers than his!

Babies can be hilarious at times, and this video proves it. Watch how this daddy and daughter are quarreling with each other about climbing on furniture. While it’s always a good idea to teach your children not to climb on furniture (they can hurt themselves) I’m so glad to see her climb on the table! You’re going to witness the most adorable argument EVER!

Take a look at the argument:

This adorable little girl will definitely grow up to be a hot headed lady, don’t you think? But what I do know is that this daddy-daughter duo is going to rock in the future! Share away, people.