Couple Break Down After Reuniting With Their Dog After 2 Years

Image Credit: FOX 5 Atlanta / YouTube

Motor vehicle accidents can be some of the most devastating events, and can tear a family apart. One such couple was traveling on the road when they suffered a car crash back in 2013 that separated them from their dog, Bear. They took all the measures they knew to try and find their beloved dog for two years, but it seemed the case was hopeless.

That was until Stephanie Sparks and Kera Bagwell found bear in a junkyard one year later. It seemed the pooch was determined not to get caught, as it took them at least thirteen months to capture the stubborn canine. Once he was taken into custody, he was hurried to a vet to see what his condition was.  Little did they know that Bear had been microchipped, which made it easy for them to find their owners!

Take a look at this emotional reunion

Years later, the couple are now reunited with their four-legged best friend after months of treatment and care. Once you’re done watching their happy reunion, there won’t be a dry eye in the room.