Hunter Who Allegedly Killed This Man’s Dogs Removed The Collars To Keep As “Trophies”

Two dogs were killed in Ohio. The dog’s’ owner, Pete Byers, is claiming that they were both shot by a hunter shortly after they got loose from his home. Byers took to social media to express his disgust and heartbreak over the way his dogs, Bella and Emmy were killed. In his post, he thanked the person for murdering the only things in the world that he had left to love.

dogs shot

Byers said he didn’t understand how the hunter could not have heard him yelling and screaming for the two dogs. Byers said that the hunter even removed the dogs’ collars to keep as trophies. TriStateUpdate reported that local authorities are investigating and will present evidence to the Prosecutor’s Office.

dogs shot

The man being accused of shooting the dogs has not been arrested. Animal Right Advocates hope he will face charges. Rest in Peace, Emmy and Bella. Share away, people.

[h/t Pet Rescue Report]