You Wouldn’t Believe What A Man Had To Pay For Brutally Killing A Dog

Image Credit: In Defense Of Animals

WARNING: Graphic Image Below. A man brutally killed an innocent dog and everyone thought that he’d be serving some jail time, but you wouldn’t believe what he had to pay for his gruesome act. Sometime this week, a man called Jonathan Thompson of Winona, Mississippi, pleaded guilty in court for brutally burning his dog, a pit bull alive in his backyard sometime last month. Yes you heard that right. He burned his dog alive.

Now most of you would be like, he should be sentenced, punished and fined hefty, but you wouldn’t believe this. The image you’re about to see is extremely graphical so please viewer discretion is advised. Now it looks like the poor dog tried to roll on the grass to put out the fire, but died in the process. To top that off, this cruel man will not be serving a single day in jail and nor would he be paying a hefty amount. He was ordered to pay a fine of $327.50. Yes. This is unbelievable.

Take a look at this image (viewer discretion strongly advised)

Image Credit: In Defense Of Animals

This is definitely sending the wrong message to pet abusers. Please people, don’t let this man get away with a mere $327.50 fine. That poor dog died because of him. Please share this post with your friends.