If You Miss This Vitamin From Your Diet, You Will Get Migraines And Headaches

Many Americans suffer from migraines. They can come out of nowhere and be debilitating. There is some new evidence that indicates that the cause of migraines may come from something you are missing. Dr. Weil, a holistic health physician, reported that 6% of men and 17% of women suffer migraines.

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There are many causes for migraines like consuming too much sugar, an increase or decrease in blood flow to your brain, or even your genes. But there is a new study that indicates that a deficiency in vitamin B6, vitamin B12, vitamin D, or folic acid may also trigger an attack.

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In fact, missing those vitamins can increase your risk of getting a migraine by 300%. Dr. Weil confirmed that some of the foods we eat can trigger headaches. Foods that contain nitrates, nitrites, and MSG can trigger migraines.

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Some foods that can cause headaches are:
· Avocados
· Aged Cheese
· Caffeine
· Figs
· Peanuts
· Processed Meats
· Raisins
· Red Plums
· Sardines
· Wine

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