She Finds A Tiny Door On A Tree, But Mom GASPS When She Sees What’s Inside…

Image Credit: Vimeo

Fairies do exist! In Overland, Kansas they used to exist, anyway. You used to be able to find them in “FireFly Forest.” Trees in the forest started to slowly have tiny doors on them. Each door had an address and when you opened the door – you could see remnants of the inhabitants! The project started and kept changing – the people who visited the park were delighted to see the tiny houses and all the changes!

No one could figure out who was responsible for the creative, touching work! Most people didn’t seem to care who it was! You could leave little notes on a clothesline for the fairies. One note read “In memory of Allie Fisher,” Allie had died at the age of three. Watch the entire video, and have the tissue ready!

Take a look at this video

The next time the family visited the forest, Allie had her own fairy house! Touching. Heartwarming. Share away, people.