Monkey Refuses To Leave Dying Friend Behind, Then Stuns Bystanders By Bringing Him Back To Life

Image Credit: ODN / YouTube

In Kanpur, India, a group of people were stunned when they saw one monkey save the life of his friend. The monkey had been knocked unconscious after being electrocuted on the track’s high tension wires. The victim’s friends worked feverishly to try and help him. They put their own lives at risk to try and save him and get him breathing.

One monkey grabs his friend, and it looks like he is trying to do CPR. He bites at his friend’s neck, gnaws on him, and dunks him in some water. After about 30 minutes, the injured monkey starts to wake up! The bystanders can’t help but applaud and cheer for him! One comment on YouTube said that we (humans) should take note.

Take a look at this video!

We could all learn how to be better humans by watching animals. Hopefully, the monkeys stay away from the train lines so this doesn’t happen again. Share away, people.