Newborn Baby Orangutan Lovingly Clings To Mom, But Wait Until You Learn His Story…

Image Credit: LEO Zoological Conservation Center

Promulgating the population of endangered species can take some time. Animals have very selective mating processes that we really shouldn’t interfere with. But in order to maintain their population numbers, some other means have to be taken. And that’s how Artie came into this world. He’s the first baby orangutan to be born through artificial reproduction technology.

This is a saving grace, given the populations of orangutans have been going down over the years due to deforestation and poaching. The aim of the LEO Zoological Conservation Center in Connecticut is to use this technology to increase the diversity of orangutans being born so that when they’re returned to the wild, they can continue to increase their numbers on their own.

Take a look at this video!

Hopefully, in time, we can take orangutans off of the endangered list. But for now, we can bask in the cuteness of Artie 🙂 Share away, people!