Police Officer Dives Into The Water After A Drowning Truck. What He Comes Out With? OMG.

Image Credit: Carver Police Department

Not many people would dive into murky water to save a dog – but police officer, David Harriman from Carver, Massachusetts did! Debra Titus, 59, was driving her pickup truck with two her two dogs Stitch and Moochie. The truck quickly sank after she accidentally drove into the water at South Meadow Village.

Debra and Stitch were able to get out of the truck and to the shore, but Moochie was still inside when Harriman got on the scene. He quickly removed his gun belt and dove into the water to try and get to Moochie – and he did! Moochie was unconscious when the two got to the surface, after giving Moochie a quick squeeze the dog came to! Other than being shaken from the incident, Moochie is doing well!

Take a at this brave officer

Image Credit: Carver Police Department

Despite being all wet, Harriman went right back to work, but called Debra an hour later to check on Moochie! Well done Officer! Share away, people.