Officer Gets A Call About 2 Wild Animals. Wait Til You See Who’s Underneath The Blanket…

Image Credit: The National / YouTube

Cute, snuggly, fluffy teddy bears – we all probably had one – right? Don’t you sometimes look at a real, live bear cub and saw “aww”? As cute and cuddly as bear cubs might be, they are not pets but are living creatures that deserve a chance. In April 2015, two bear cubs were found in a backyard.

Vancouver Island Conservation Officer Bryce Casavant and some firefighters arrived to help gather up the cubs. The cubs were orphaned and alone; their mother had been euthanized after being caught breaking into mobile homes in the area. Casavant was given the order to euthanize the cubs – he didn’t and he was suspended. There was outrage over his suspension, and a petition was circulated demanding he be reinstated.

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Earlier, this year Casavant accepted a new job with the B.C government. The cubs are living at the North Island Wildlife Recovery Association in Errington, B.C. Share away, people.