Man Takes A Fall During A Gymnastic Routine, But His Next Move Has The Crowd Laughing

Image Credit: MizMamie / YouTube

Gymnastic competitions are generally known to be pretty serious events – but not for Paul Hunt, an excellent gymnast who became National Champion in the United States in 1972. This guy loves to put a comedic spin on his routines. All of his comedy routines are hilarious, but this one from 1988 really stands out! Armed with a female costume and pretty accessories in his hair, Hunt took on the persona of “Paulette Huntsinova” or “Paulina Huntesque”.

He began his routine by dramatically falling down and yelping out in mock-pain. His entire routine was full of fumbles and tumbles, and the crowd loved it! Stick around till the end – the way he ends his routine is perfection! This routine was inspired by Hunt’s observations of young gymnasts making common mistakes during practice, and since he’d become a coach in the field, he knew plenty about that!

Take a look at this video!

I’d say this is a true masterpiece, and I’d be one of those people giving him a standing ovation! Do like and share this funny video!