Doctor Shows How This Simple Peanut Butter Test Can Help Diagnose Alzheimer’s Disease Early

Image Credit: UFHealth / YouTube

Researchers have found a way to detect quickly and easily if someone is developing Alzheimer’s disease. The test involves sniffing peanut butter. A graduate student at the University of Florida, Jennifer Stamps realized that people who are developing Alzheimer’s will lose their sense of smell before showing signs of cognitive decline. Stamps and her team used peanut butter and a ruler.

They found that people with Alzheimer’s had a harder time smelling out of their left nostril when compared to their right nostril. A person developing dementia needed to have the peanut butter closer to their left nostril in order to smell it. The ability to detect odors is associated with the first cranial nerve, which is one of the first things to be affected in Alzheimer’s.

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Early detection tool will help doctors treat Alzheimer’s early. Early treatment can slow down the progression of cognitive decline. Share away, people.