Penelope The Sad Pit Bull Gets A Second Chance To Life, But She Needs Your Love

Image Credit: Hope For Paws - Official Rescue Channel / YouTube

It is not surprising that many dogs are often strays and live through danger, diseases and insecurity during their entire lives. This is the tale of Penelope, who was rescued by Hope for Paws recently from the road. Penelope was sick and horribly injured that she could not stand up even when the rescue crew arrived to save her.

This lovely pit bull was not aggressive in the slightest and was in pain when the crew found her. The crew members took some time to get to acquaint and befriend her to earn her trust. Penelope continued sitting, while the crew members wooed her attention with cheeseburger pieces. Penelope ate with elegance, calmth and love. The crew recalls her as the loveliest and sweetest pit-bull they have ever met.

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Penelope is still looking for her new forever home, but if you want to donate, please contact Hope For Paws and if you’d like to adopt her, please get in touch with The Little Red Dog. Share Penelope’s story with our friends too.