When You See What This Piglet Is Doing, You Are Going To Be Amazed!

Image Credit: Franco Merino / Facebook

This tiny little piglet just brought life into my day today and trust me, you’re going to want to see what she’s doing too! Now let me tell you that what this piglet has just done has taught us two lessons – to dance when we’re all worked up and stressed and two learn how to twerk better. LOL I’ve never seen a piglet doing this before!

This piglet wasn’t really twerking and i’m sure you’re going to see that too. She was scratching her back against the table leg and along with the music, it just turned out epic, if nothing else. I bet people who’re learning to twerk, are going to have a had time believing animals can do it better! Just look at that!

Take a look at this video!

Well, didn’t this make your day?! I bet it did, it was hilarious! Next time you’re looking for a birthday present for yourself, adopt a teacup piglet! Share away, people.