He Told His Wife The Pit Bull Would Have To Go. Then The Dog Does This. Incredible!

This story might make you cry. A few years ago, this story first hit the internet, and it’s been making it’s way around for a while. This couple were having a baby, and the two dogs that they had gave the husband a little bit of worry. Zach, a Pit Bull and Labrador mix, was known to nip at the husband and play kind of rough.

The husband worried that the dog was going to be too rough and hurt their new baby. He needn’t have worried though, because from day one, Zach was in love with the newborn. He was there every night, at the foot of her stairs, ready to walk her to bed. One day some neighbor kids poisoned Zach. When he passed, the girl didn’t know what to do, and was scared to go to bed.

Take a look at these photos

pit bull
Image Credit: Spock The Dog
pit bull
Image Credit: Bully Tree

That’s when the other Pit Bull in the house stepped up, and started taking Zach’s place at the foot of the stairs. Kids need to be taught how to respect animals from a very young age. I can’t even begin to imagine how these kids, who poisoned the poor dog, would grow up to be like. Share if you agree too…