This Poor Dog Was Chained Up. 10 Years Later, He Crawls Out From The Deck And Does This!

Image Credit: Jared Piper / vimeo

This is the brave story of a dog called Rusty Diamond, who was rescued from a horrible fate by a kind man, who saved him even when he refused to be saved. It was three years ago that Jared noticed Rusty who was chained outside a house under the scorching sun. Jared walked over to him, but the dog snarled aggressively.

One day Jared spotted the owner and almost impulsively, he told her that the dog needed medical treatment. But to his horror, the owner said that Rusty was an aggressive dog so he didn’t need it. not only that, his aggressiveness was the reason why he was chained for 10-15 years.

Now watch the miracle

The vets treated Rusty’s fleas, tumors, infections and miraculously Rusty found his forever loving home 🙂 Yep no dog deserves to be treated like this. Please be kind. Share this remarkable rescue post with your friends too!