Rat Hears Woman Sneezing, Runs To Grab Her A Tissue

Image Credit: Abby Roeser / YouTube

Rats. When’s the last time any person ever fell in love with a rat? I think for some people it would be after they saw the animation movie Ratatouille, yep at least that’s the first time I fell in love with a rat, actually. Most of the time people look at rats like those creatures who live in the underworld, waiting for us to leave our houses so they can make it theirs…it’s true, that’s the reputation they got even in the movie. But these rats are different!

Introducing Pepper, Blue and Puffin and these are rats who mean some serious business. If you think you’ll ever see these rats menacing around at home, you’re wrong. Apart from being way too smart, and I mean way too smart, there might come a day when rats will become man’s best friend, sorry dogs! You’ve got to see this to believe it!

Take a look at these three rats here!

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