He Just Wants To Relax And Watch The News. But Watch What’s Going On Behind Him… LOL

Image Credit: John Thawley / Facebook

I’ve been where this man is. We all hope that our pets will love each other and get along well. We even hope that they’ll play with each other from time to time. This is especially true when the pets are of different species… say a dog and a cat. But sometimes, all we want in the world is peace and quiet.

John Thawley just wants to relax and enjoy his day, but his little pets have something else in mind! Here you can see them play-fighting excitedly back and forth, which is all good fun, but they’ve decided to have their battle right behind John’s head. The cat is perched on top of John’s chair, batting her paws at the dog who is jumping up and down to get closer and closer to the taunting feline.

Take a look at this video

How does John feel about all this? Judging by his expression, he is not amused. Share away, people!