The Horse Was Holding On, But Getting Weak. But Watch The Right Side Of The Screen.

Image Credit: Policía Nacional de los Colombianos

The mountains of Colombia are a magical place, where, in small villages, animals still roam the roads and the land is both harsh and beautiful. In Valle de Cauca, outside of the small town of Dagua, locals were going about a sleepy day when they heard the cries of a horse splitting the air.

When the locals went to investigate, there was a horse trapped in a water filled pit. The horse must have fallen in while trying to get a drink, but it was quickly panicking and trashing about without being able to free itself. If they, and members of the National Police who had shown up as well, didn’t do something quickly, the horse would tire itself out and drown.

Take a look at this chilling video

The rescue will make you heart beat faster. This amazing video just goes to show the size of the hearts of these Colombians, who easily could have gotten hurt attempting it. Share away, people!