She Was Thrown Out Of A Truck In Front Of A Shelter. When Staff Found Her, They Were In Shock

Image Credit: He'Art of Rescue / YouTube

Two men threw something dark out of the truck at the front door of an animal shelter. The dark object stood very still, then it moved. Just then a shelter volunteer stepped out and started screaming at the truck to stop. The dark figure they had thrown out was a very sick dog.

The men were asked why they would do that and they said the factory was closing, and they couldn’t take care of her anymore, she was the factories guard dog. One look at her and you knew that the dog hadn’t been taken care of at all. The dog, Rosalie, in terrible shape, she had mange and wounds all over her body. Now watch her amazing transformation below.

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When she was abandoned, she just curled up in the corner of her cage and didn’t move. Rosalie’s mange was treated, and as time went on, she recovered. Share away, people.