Mom Says It’s Time To Pick Up Military Dad, Then Son Runs Around Corner And Right Into His Arms

Image Credit: THESTREETMIX / YouTube

You only have one dad. Aronka Robertson’s son loves his dad with all his heart. Aronka’s husband has been away for a military deployment and has been greatly missed by his entire family. One day while in the kitchen, Aronka tries to rush her son saying that it is time to go pick up dad – his deployment is finally over!

Her son is clearly surprised and rushes out to go get changed if he wants to go help pick his dad up. The decorations are in the house, and this only adds to the boy’s excitement. He rushes out eager to finally see his dad again. Surprise! He runs right into the arms of his dad! Once he realizes that it is his dad, the tears flow! This is a heartwarming video that you will need a tissue for when you watch!

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Welcome home dad! Be right back, I have to go cry a little more. Please share this emotional reunion with everyone you know!